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tv   News 3 Live at Eleven  NBC  February 4, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm PST

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wh cat yan t ig tonht? >>or rep wter:ree ati getng a ocl lserookig tonhtt are whe cthisrashneappey m ta lke aheook ehre bmeind lipo sce tay wheanomit hha tt meediea m sd,a oscrinsed n to ongcomiff tra cayou e n see thrkmains he ta ro wad shererohe c issedthnto trc.affiu evshe alentuitly hs thi acurbnd po lki led, tandochhi tras ce e cobeave pr teevend. w >> thenhey guot o tt ofhe car, i saw a foot e uerndatneheh tstar. >>po re:rterg tra edyy bus butos s aoler pevos a ivdriter h caed m pgppin otwvi,ires bbri vee de oin comicraff, hngitti m aan has seat in hishe waelchirt jus chinroes f tmhet s.reet he>> t ictmpaoc knkedis hoe shs off, s hoe was hita hrd. >>e rerport: theit wness tcwa fhed hromisar c, thent e shcrape hap iningsse 1than0 nsecods.
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earrlie w sheould haveit h mre o wiouldve ha hit her and oprybabled sav the guy's life. >>or rep pter:eolic say it's unrclea whyhe tom w hanit the me.dian mthenan ihe tel wheirchaho w ddiey ma haveaw s herar c cgomin bikut lelyad ho ne timo t move. o>> d notta snd inhe tse bus teshelrs. rtrepois chr aicampgns forer saf buts sops a tosshele valy. hels cal oldus blt sheersik le thlosne oth dea e t bps,seecauaur eyth e'resncloned itranshe tla >> y the sshutldhoum the v,down ovremhee tanm iejoet ls r p d stanthin olaer pances thfor >>or rep bter:ack outer he l yive,ouan c seeew crers we rehe eearlir,y thect ayuall reedmovt thaquoporam d baged shelter, that's that's left is theu^ bchenlos thane trtaspor ctionssommiion ovner i the vay,lley they sa nng chathing el buops st rs isy eallthnot syeath, sey cayngha iesolnvve moynend ap siaec plmier ats andla
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b uackteva prid. lan bthistous s iel 1boutet0 fe awdicero fcambs hie,fencch whiio rewhecoge bud ss. i sekelyma thos,ew ns. 3 j>> tim:hanku. yo twoll kiers aonre e thoo lse nto aightrfteey thrd muered a nma a atoc lalp shoping cr.ente itha enppeds thi rnafteoon at inra bowandes wiftclf. ometrs sayot shers wefi red lofol swing omekind ofh figt. theynk thi t sspectt lef ave silnissaim alta. ifu yo knowyt anghint than ca heatlp cch them, callri cme opstrspe. >>si jes nca:anel devgopin ei orstt y ouewof nk yor.citye nytwo ffpd os icerreare ricove r afteg bein ishote n thx.bron auth a bl puusi hou lecompe.her syouheee titas mvesiol pmce: d espr iencespn re tonseato whem ha.enedbr e onceoffis r wainhit h thet 'shest in cabletiondi obotherffice s arctexpeoed t a sue.rvivl suone t spec adiede t the,scenu
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j>>alim: heso, he orctestra ththe weree-onek lcug oconpati edre c iwanoe her wheh tm rdrecotaed sentemrot fyundd danp`blior mvi ecadenttionhe arch hgese a6nd 1he otrse. facji\l o d >>teespili telisng h ferlows sto lowneek, bundy eesoms t b beackn ois hsi mison lkta aing tboutedhe feral gomevernnt. in a rdeecordt senatemte h ksspeabo a tutinakgov er the rafedelan ld. >> er govntnmeic offialsgn igorin thee p,ople ourct as like the ovtakef er omathe rlheutheef rs kitaveng oe r thgerefu n wasot lyondu t fty o pethe toplesio. d_ f r>>teeporosr: m tt of pioccuarers ile st jl inbuail o two have been released. esspokfiman m nicu ldiedweast ek in haw trr aest. >>si jes nca:ew at1, 1he t
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dan wild's it allou abtfu n for nyma pumtu tororre fi ethos we havbl gamt diadn.ctio sjohn uhowses on's mann pai and hoe'w hops hp hel*n . you2a >>teepor15r: 1li milks bucje gisedamblth on g e bi lgameo aryest, jula in gas ves. t lihebe ther wn oppeinle lpe u b toen ve einrythg omfrnc bro nt pa thersdewi ll isthy gu dk. bac qit's luitealiterhely ter sup wlbof ocr t>>ishis uesee wd,ken beuscaye wnoou ye'roi go gout oand destroy yolf. >>po re:rters it'ut abo urslviva forens.thera y >> m inameugs dom , i'na mbga alingt.ddic ep>> rr:orte m youecay rzeogni g,douhe as wio attrelfo gadmbleay aw h.ey monn ad -- >> we i intnto my cetlose and mgotyt shogun, and iut p a elshinl he t cerhamb, iai ld wndo on myi l rvingoom fr,loo dan i pisromedmy i if
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vliite wth e n15ext or 20 numi otesrlf ha anr houat th i wasoi g tngeno er tai pn. >>ep rteorra cowfrd's come back to the courtroom seven mont hsoagwa a pretty agzin ystor p forpserha ase, tim bu ttells us this weekend wil beul f ol s azimato sesri. 6%f odu aslt15 ilan vsaseg are diadedcto tliambng. hets put a20 . nitotgh a messageo t those fgacin theig bgestam ging ekwe, endotre nfoesne alo >> av i hroy m pcell ahone ofone nu 50 s mber ithatlaso ca all,hand tnersore ld wou be t righetherae m. ep>> rerort:he w wnek looat themo faasus l vegasip str thghrou the eyesf o andd a,ict syouee auc mhff diteren s.ight yifounk thiou y h mayave a obpr olemrw knoom seeone u dogoes, wh to heen tn aun fde opstoms.cll, a t of
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siwebblemon tt,ighws neco3lv. >>ss jeica: thank c. youuan its it noeithlur ycka dy. noon webas he comarforw focali trniaaio clem the m$63onillize priwsgrs hetke ticeet n tdedu fieri :0by 5hi0 tsni eveng. ttloyerff oiicsalnarniay se som leo ceimla ted hoeavhe t nwingniic tt,keut bon nof osthic ttske were verified. th jackpot now goes to focali'srniac sshoolch whi is a tgrea idea. 'weere lss t72han rs houm fro rsupel bow50n i dtoownanwn s frisancasco hec bome the ulattimfle ns fanre dam. >>: jimse rgiovi ala got the edramig asst,nmene h'sn isan ncfra tiscohtonigti getngea rdy tforbihe me ga git'stoot tt ge cingyraz erclos wejoet gti >>or rep jter:thim, gi abtesoluigly rht. itnl's oiny goog t b getrusieo moand rore c owdede n thetstres, han.ere ntherixpe jencein behd
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prceactiir ther d,ills howig hh ycanou j,ump howar f can you mpjuet, g theid ks ivnvolli e thparaas ht tha l60lay lc mpca, aignouget d t an fplayor m60 .t t' i stnou j astutboia nf ed exenperi ice, nt'se us jbot abr thie. gam ether oht rigi wnow,nalkihay on ctscertant spleciao nt evells, ad kin of inth hgsinatchg all toverhe pl.ace oand wncee ldeande hreas lt ghnillt, a youaw s s wasuperhae bo 5wlrry evee,wherm frorithe aitrpor quehe t uuperot h eop apletexcid,pe hyd fupamhe gewe betheen t cbronndos a peranths. ingoeag hd tohe ad iandt'st jus oonehof tse tgshinou y cdoul elfee thp peoleti geteang rlly itexced. yoavu hur tot bu ediascros unco atryhe tld worhe re for thpe suerl. bow isth isfl n'sig btgesay d.
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anin s fisrancco. >>si jes yca:rdeste rtrepoe ed wsesaw lvera fedif grentsroup p ofstroteers ma tkingsoice horrd f omhselesentnd ao als s sridengharin tve dri veha s youaneen ty of ohat,p esdolo it ikok l'se ited die owdn? r>>teepore'r: w bveeen cufo sedin thisne o area here,ntin so'v weine kfd ouaedlos afrom o s veha sn'tot l of ths ere't a lobeof ursriveal ouarndhe re. >>: jimallht rige', wlly sta inch tour ovehe tt nexew fys da. j>>icessa:rt sma phonemuch cotindi aons qossy eadu to yfindpor ex n losat de. j>> bim: t^ad leuie ttor'octoffs o,ice ouseriiss deeasea sprgdin thhroug our cnommu perow h so cialamediloin maked broutor wcose, uminghe t
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da: evind sere fque he wnre isepe si 3ght,gr8 deasees h youead ouomt toor mg.rninor i yinkllou'ik lhee t foasrect. >>icjessnda: a the countamfor nble qsh fadren awith gbrcele orendensemt. >> y, hes, guyhjona hdod egughonit. [cheers and applause] >> h nbcelas rdeaseme so prioomot mnaliaaterl,s it' lahiusrio', weavll hte i t wa cterroolen whec ha w you uake s itwheh toleragnnds, aoce liviona
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thore mg.nin >>m: ji l thetiast oume y rdhea w theord sliyphis may have enbek bac inig hhho scisol hytor ascls. 'sit the alsexulyra titnsmted
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ayaw t ataihe rns ofpo na,leonjim: beveethohan, seakespndre a l hi.tler ghtoni bt we yring pou aisub de atth a wastlmosed wip o s yearbuago nt isakow maning e mialaromng ck,ebac t and eshightet rane of few innsctio igis rerht here wh e ilsyphisis e onc aaporo gwing rthteain ou rnode ie socre ansd au' yobore atl esp rcialt,epor tku hoop rtaleod, mernhn tecgyolo is inmakg thisbr outeakn eveor wse. ipsws ft lealccior oip swt* ari se thequ tdays chattll i^ t ndfiov le. i >> didee mt my wife, i met otaher r yea andei tghmo nth ago. we gotar medriecieec dr embe ep>> rr:orte f butngindie trus, velono is tt oninhe mf ds oot
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blorenr. mgh rihet, t kilooorng fencontr. mgh ri n >> ve hau yoer evke hoo uh wit arlgi you met on aat dingpp a? >> . yes >> t whad di g theuyan wt? e>> hte wantod know ife h dcoul mbeyla soyve bno e.ning ha>> td t diapnot tpealu?o yol o.>> n >> aterouthcaev n hadathealn ridist ct, dtheoroctks wor. ktracs^ dhen tpel_as plexua a npart oersnatiehots w ustedre a? juest bkehocod they haveyp ss.hili >> we paskleeop tol pul out theirho psnend a plul up anpp a, tsay ahesere thep peole iet m, dans it'edelp fpl peo aubecn thepesunt co tact outhrhagh tpp. >>teeporthi syptrrqemo drd oppeowso l es 90'nll 2by 000ethere wer in clor co .unty ear? > > h9d 25e aas cfes oo? p ndandeco saryilyphnis ihe t stlaea yr. r>>teeporhar: tt'sn a
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> u> yoan ce hav ateasosa rlis h tprt jusimndar lo loks,ivesad s it'un alactu.ilis15 ep>> rr:ortele whi the inifectece at rses ia hes l amwe bets.o t and35 -- twbeeen 2 men0 to5, 3 it is in erevgey aup gro. o >>fne o thegh hiestes ratf o grgowines rat ofsdtd' is theas deelanrly ed p ioplendsi nurecci h.omes re>> eportasr: c theon lf oos infect shuz diseases atamoun ,view daw sh ngeati owgrginas c ledoaof sy ilph enpatide ^ 1 >>en 30? >> ild wouay s over 600, 7 epatints. >>po re:rter and omanyan n'caelt tgentim he dh muctabou rsperon oe lepeop ayo minfee havctr fein tctedf he>> tvey ha t metghhrouhe t
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ep>> rr:orteth anoracto p e th rhighofate ec inf itionn s lan towry eve ye mar,ok lo fingor ke wee ngfli.elfecc u >>dinpre sctedaex hs,ppeni_u omfrne oer pnsoo tan heot kesep lea sprg.din ep>> rr:orteerangfs om arneno aymn hre ivdre morreditope boplea, ld o shfanio fedcea fe inprce. t >>pphe ands a the oenlin da rtingyeall is a daligitar b ensce,lon a he ws s it'lyrealpl peocar aroke lofoing nr aa a intnsta ifgratioicatndn, a it bcan lyrealenaan douger adig at ayple le rouwitte yoth ac feli. r>>teeporllr: a itstake to imeprovur yos oddcistgaino syisphilif, 'r youud. ou het tjueg plg ayin rl, feeta co tmejo te ested tvery mhrees.onthra y earlt'on i bs noeaig dl. sy>> isphil a isy ver e feinn ctioreto tf at i arit ely. it s's ahot. >>po re:rter but ioes go deunectdtend ada urentteacc syilph wisl ileventually cause a
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maat pntiemecoo to. dr. shaw mpcoilainfng omo meosry lsd an nfcoonusi. pe>> copleetan g sketro, enmtiingiars, eonly et saw d deimenta. atwhis guydoare ting,gu atwhd neee to b tdonello teie, oppehale t'st ji>> tm: ire thed ethlt heaiistre offrse fre est ctingcslini athe t crente on ylmarandar pkway every o dayf the w.eek foor mrenf iatormion,go o t wsneco3lv.m. as with alld..t.'s,d conoms eroffe somot pronectiut, bhe t hrast thaes comit wh sliyphis ncaea sprod t the haand nd .feet es>> j:sicaar so eud ou yofs e ablo e coctntrahi sypen evnyof t don' have asexre havy toctonta? j>>im: yes. >>si jes gca:reatnfry sto riall kght,is jano as hd anr othet greay,storhi i tnk
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i sawss, -days look innotht g buhisunso k>>: evincui'm s riouthis gemantlenk thit thae linn alactu w mhi,ve sla? boy im>> j: a lfot ohe thi tngse w h weardcoe 'tuldn pvi e nelearod ss_a lua mre abbioviat ins, nhaddeo ia whathe ty m.eant cyouan inemagi. k>>:evin d nooubtut abo. it e'wotve g are tator tomrow mongrni forly ear rsrisei, fve etplans linedor vi 'esiblpihen t sk fies tromensaou sstthea thsou.west iit well bis th f way?t mos ellikhey t n twoee wks. tbuthe nextse lveran morings llwi be at itsst beif youge at anchoce tjisa getly earpo moto wrrowtl lit lychil0s, 4eve ely b.8 al 5midlost ach lun ini th'lk weral schepe t e60-d tgreehhresor tomrow. i't donnk thinelll we'e havlas l a oucld, but we did have a nice suns q ackui spasof le vgasle valy skies. faewre besez wlil pop up
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ad banh hign thi joud arcleuted o t inhet laso cuple ho surs,inettheg tbl tae for a coolrn ove,ightut b itul shodn't beea n arlysd col asat whaewe'vani ud seheen tt laslecoup. ms.ningag aubeultifa n dow sondern, eyth at 44. stmog neihohborpoth in gae uppr s30lo dinpendong yoeur nfck osetu cac umpahr.t 38omad uryoh higertempe atury,todaan ilstlol bermw nobual, 'rt we inwork tg on ahat, tfterlohat 3,of 3bo we bunces ao tjo webe'll ht rigag up t ains -d63egree mark tomorrow, if you're greetedby a 30sste' w4, ouow t60ard a for ihighn theer aftn.noo oua cple of sgetronrts gus,ut b no tas strong as what we saw the rothe day ast thato srm edroll thh.roug thcle oudsrk worhei
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tftle b,t'haot oklot' whains go rg on highttra tot,nighve we' t gotlohe c ngtryiwo to herk t wir iayann d than bging into o phighurressad anb'rhey diassip.ting ttheraempesture r are soar. nouit qette y inntaliela*n l bletanksow sn tre. theey'rng goiwn do.hree n14 ont mouain. rfo tashe leg vas vyalle rrtomoow,le c nar,otit que as co ld,lstil cold by our strdandas. 38ni toght. motow'rro osiafficlh hig 5 i thinkhe treou cldom se9s 5, even a 60,de ipendnng or you looncati. steae sidthof el valey will obpr hablyit lower60 s. mid 60sme coun sday. andthe hitst juse ke co on.mingobab i k thinlwe'lme solerior0s 7es tnexk weeed60 vi wveth ohtrnig nws iie d mid an tl wilan me thede rom cinplapht onel wil not be rngingi. >>: jim a youre aro cwd epl faserore, surin kevth, ank u.yo llsti a,heady man of usre we
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plroayg bund,utow ny' there ombec inga fonashindre. j>>cessie'a: wntll icerodu to yoheu twe jdgyeanh tats i ottallyen intaltion ,upt. next^s tuloesen lpao >> bam, bam! r>>achael: it's oureruplow recipe playoff show, withhe t
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emeril, trehead e thicamereoan pcaple n'tfoafo rd t fwaitdeor ihaas t tunsoodd gopa on bper,ilut wnel maver t ke it in e thalreor w.ld the grandmothewhr hao tos ooch bseweet peninayg for medicine and paying rent cawan't it. nga siomle m d whoraespelyte ednea s isracae t n'itwa. uda stwient mth aaiount n of cdebt wan'tait. c weakan male regr pros esghri tnofow per leop f andieamils wh edo ne it.
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>>si jesneca: t w a c11,ould aldn oly bul ingictact now be trd?en >>s jes tica:shat't whai levs akis ting oeln, b iievet or not eythtlecens ro intd ducewa nepoo ndkije of caans wlled fedgy s,jeanar we t e nongmakis thide .up dethe ginim caant tlls themhe eechstkiean je y in lse clop j>>caessie: tharecea jelns h n womelihighthght cueir brves eacr atinggy wedk. loo 'v'veyree aln r a rendootse nlo_sd karanashi ancl. j>>im: wdgeye jsant star at al $ itndremigyl sn brs yea adid sen.eans
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twha our eutxecive pcroduer outh wghthen weit pched this y.stor theic artle i read,ou thgh, podinte outha tty thewe ere vryor mfcoblortao e, souobviasly gywed e dtsn'un sooromfe,tabllam tbus thioaimultorhe t arappe wanceouith dmfiscoort. >>: jimay okos,ot g. you ngcomi t up,'shere ek laco e colimpeltong sinry l iesthn is wegekam ge. >>je icss:aut bn o tlywo sptsorit wr hersedoverec eeviry s sngle buper aowl,nend otn ofm thees livlare he i iut soo vane beamwir havemoke tadihin t arye g'se ammico ungp. >> bam, bam!>> a raech il:st'eruplow recipe playoff show, withhe t
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emeril, there >>e ambnlr: oo y twrtspos iwr htersave cedoverry eveer sup , bowl oand wneith ofhe tm lives in hrsendeon. tshat'spaer j]en eis,bergwl coislumnr t fostthe enar lintor jnewy.erse tim, sry stoun c liinne onis th sar yeme ga otanherne o that hast ye to dep.velo it>> 's so oubvios, youan c ask atamseur aboutit bseecau's it ctheinarolffa oeensd an defe dee.ns it's interesting to me, ande w n'wokt wnoil unt's it pd,laye stthe thory ate de th ofldhe o kingofnds crthe prown .ince 'sthatoo a g hd st usbeca ke i gnow, ho wld couy tewriat th svery eeme ti ha th bey'dun wroe utbis th s timedhey' beig rht. >>be amthr: ewn cro pcerin is canarolirt quackerbaeser n camn,ewtote d
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seeignbernk thi ist's him w dsstanfa to acce bh,klas wtne, ono wh oisenftru ksit dze cefor atlebrtoing cho muen f >> i eyoursinthufti tshe peleopn io yrm ar oy,kaot n lyon is it steppabl e,t idalstmo maorndathey, ty y ma ineedt. ton ohee exe,tremusn sack a arquacterbndk aes go intois th ifterrlyicaly uglpi stud nohnrytmicnc dae, okay,d an hok iteamsi lo but he's, that's not enthusiasm that means anything. cam newton transmits what he is. all theseuy gs heav wttrien peyton's farewell addressnd ao erevngythie. els agot.
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j>> fim:lyinalig ton dht,o uyow kno ao hern i your ghneihoborod? >>si jes ca:rewe aam teuping ecto rizognnee o pnersoho was h agone abovend bndeyon i their conimmuitty whur o cars for erhosmp ca.aign im>> jwe: an wt to rdeware on erp wsonith 2 a016fo rd fiousn. you cani domnate yourer h oby enngteri onur oeb facookge par o oureb w,sites newco3lv.m. ev>> kin:t jus one chee[ ars appndusla]e
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